The photo booth that puts the camera in everyone’s pocket.

Instaprint has forever changed the concept of the photo booth. By pulling hashtagged photos from Instagram, Instaprint can print thousands of attendees' photos, no matter where they may be located at an event.

Instaprint enhances events while also inspiring people to take more photos. That means more tagged photos with the event's hashtag. When the event is over, Instaprint's software generates an analytics report showing how many people were reached via the event's hashtag.

Capture the entire event,
not just the people.


Standard Photo Booth
All photos are taken in a single location with a single backdrop, and thus not capturing any of the event itself.


Attendees can take photos from wherever they'd like, capturing the entire event from every angle.


Branded Prints

Brand and event logos are printed onto each photo coming out of Instaprint, to make for a customized experience.


Event Analytics

Instaprint is about much more than just printing photos. Every person that hashtags a photo or video is sharing the event they're at with all of their followers adding up to lots of impressions. Instaprint's software compiles a report at the end of each event to provide an array of analytics on how well Instaprint performed.

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Embeddable Galleries

The embeddable Instaprint gallery allows you to share photos from an event with the world on any site. This provides a way for a client to get further use out of the images from an event by posting them on their site or social network. 

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Easy Setup and Operation

An Instaprint technician arrives on site two hours before an event starts. The set-up takes less than an hour when we're provided with: a standard power outlet, a reliable Internet connection (hardwired or WiFi), and a smooth wall to hang the devices. 3M Command Strips are used, which leave no marks or residue.

From Operator to Ambassador

Our highly trained staff not only ensure that Instaprint is set up perfectly for your event, but they then transition into an ambassador role. They're there to explain, encourage, and walk people through the process. They collect the photos and display them so they are easily viewable for pick up.