Small box.
Lots of impressions.

You’ve planned an event worth talking about. Your guests will Instagram their favorite moments, but will their followers know that your brand was behind this great event? We want to make sure they do. Our Social Printers are powered by your branded hashtag, so the more printed pictures your guests want, the more your event gets shared with...everyone.

Rent our hashtag-driven instagram photobooth printer

Your event is bigger
than a backdrop.

Because our Social Printers are hashtag enabled, guests can document their experience from anywhere at the event—which shows off more of your party than just a backdrop and some props. Guests will get excited as their night gets printed in real-time. You'll get excited when you see how many times your event is shared. 


Your guests will take
your brand home.

We’ll make sure your guests remember who threw that great event. Each print is branded with your logo, along with the date and the guests' Instagram handle.

Social amplification for your event with branded photos

Also included...

A social media aggregator using a user-generated, hashtag-driven Instagram library

Event Analytics

Using our Instagram-powered tools at your event, gets you a lot of impressions. At the end of each event, we'll provide you with a report demonstrating how many people you reached.

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Embeddable Gallery

Your reach doesn't end when your event is over. Our embeddable galleries allow you to share your hashtagged photos with the world long after the party ends.

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On-site Team of Experts

Our products are simple to use, but involve a lot of complicated technology. Our team of experts will not only set up the printers so they work perfectly, but also make sure the guests are participating, having fun and finding their printed photos.